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includes accommodation, food, camp fun +
FULL Encounter Conference Rego


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Camp Address:
YMCA Camp Warrawee
81 Byrnes Rd N, Joyner QLD

*this is a basic outline of dates and times needed for drop off and pick up. More detailed schedules will be sent out upon registration.


1:00PM Arrive at Bus Meeting Point

1:30PM West, Carina & Logan City Buses Depart Meeting Point

2:00PM Moreton Bus Departs / Parent Drop off at Camp

2:30PM Camp Meeting


Full day of sessions, Tribal Championships and opportunities to hang out.


12:00PM Buses leave camp/Parent Pick-Up

12:30PM Moreton Bus arrive

1:00PM West, Carina & Logan City Buses arrive

If you would like to support our youth by serving at camp, click the link and sign up now!



What are the sleeping arrangements?

Each young person will be allocated to a dorm based on their connect group and age. Girls and boys will be separated, and each group will have at least 2 leaders in a room with them.


Who do I call in an emergency?

In an emergency, the best person to contact would be your region leader

Rachael Fotu (North)- 

Andrea Mellican (South)-

Harri Koops (West)-


My child has a medical condition, what should I do with this information?

On all of our registration forms, there is a section that you can complete, informing us of all the relevant information we need to know for your child. Once you have completed this form, if you have listed any medical information for your child, we will be in contact with you to confirm any arrangements


What sort of supervision is exercised over camp?

At camp, we will have 35 leaders present, all over the age of 18 with relevant ‘working with children’ checks (Blue Cards). We will also have multiple ‘camp parents’ on site at all times, who will be at the venue to assist with supervision. Along with this, we will also have a number of iSEE CHURCH staff members on site during the day as well. Over the duration of camp, we will also have first aid officers on site in the event of an emergency.


Are phones allowed and is there reception?

Yes, phones are allowed at camp and there is full reception on site. However, it is your child's responsibility to take care of any expensive belongings that they bring. We do not take responsibility for any lost, broken or stolen items.


What activities are occurring over the course of youth camp?

A full and detailed itinerary of the camp will be provided in our parents information handbook. However, some of the things you can expect at camp are; camp sessions with praise and worship along with our guest speaker Ps Matt Wilesmith from Hope Unlimited Church, Tribal wars games and activities, connect group sessions each morning, and a variety of ‘chill out’ zones for some down time in the afternoon.


Can I drop my teenagers off directly to the campsite?

Yes, you are more than welcome to drop your child directly to the youth camp site. The details of the camp site and when we will be meeting are in the above schedule


Will my child need any spending money?

Your child does not need to bring any spending money to camp as all meals and activities are included in your camp registration costs. However, we will be taking up an offering at camp, if your child would like to give towards that offering.


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